Blackjack Strategy

Blackjack has been around for hundreds of years. Simply called "the 21," the game of Blackjack was even played in the famous novel Don Quixote. The game originally had players trying to pair a Jack with an Ace of Spades, as that was the condition of winning. Of course, with the run of time the rules of the game has been changed a little bit and the conditions of winning the game have been changed, however the origins of the name come from the original pair that ensured game winning. Although a lot of changes took place, people still enjoy playing the game that was played hundreds of years ago. It's interesting to think about how popular a simple card game can really be, crossing generations to the present day.


Even from the beginning of the creation of this game, there have been strategies as to how to win in this game. Some may be more successful than others, but casinos have implemented a special set of rules that usually offset whatever a player will try to do. Some of these strategies include counting cards, when to bet, when to hold, and special rules for certain pair cards. No matter what you believe, it is hard to know whether these methods are truly effective or not. Some strategies are more effective than others, while some require special circumstances for them to really be beneficial for the player.

One essential example of how the circumstances can outweigh the strategy is the concept of splitting pairs. When it is performed correctly, this will double your earnings, giving you more money than you bet. However, a loss will equate to losing double what you had expected. Another time that splitting cards is a bad idea is when you have tens, since it already adds up to 20 points, it's not worth splitting them. Splitting cards is a strategy that is best kept to when you feel confident that you are going to win. That way, you'll only double your winnings, not double your losses.

Learn from Others

No matter what you believe or practice, watching other people play may be the most impactful to your Blackjack strategy. This allows you the opportunity to see how other people play and compare it to your own style. You might even pick up a few useful tips as you see how other people play the same game.

Blackjack has been around for hundreds of years, and people still enjoy it to this day. Try to remember that a basic strategy will help you to make more benefits playing this game. Although, don't blindly follow this strategy. Try to make decisions on hit and stand by yourself and you will understand the game even better. Don't try anything foolish and keep your cool. This will keep you from making any big mistakes that you may regret later on.

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