Craps Odds

Playing craps, as well as any other casino game, it is very important to know the odds. They depend on different factors, and you’d better keep in mind all of them.

Odds Bet – Special Game Bet

Besides your basic bet, you can also make some other bets on the side. One of these is the odds bet, which allows you to place a bet that can help you to earn more money is the shooter is successful. The odd bet also depends on what the point value is as well. If it is four or ten, you are paid two to one. If the point value is five or nine, you are paid three to two. Finally, if the point value is six or eight, you are paid six to five.

This breakdown gives you a basic idea of what the odds bet can be, and some casinos even let you double odds as well. That means that you can earn more than the basic bet is you play your cards right. However, be aware that every time you increase a bet, you also increase the loss that you will suffer if you are not successful. While losing money on a basic bet is not large, about one and a half percent, the losses of odd bet will be higher.

Casinos have also been having a small competition with one another to see who offers the biggest payout in craps. Because of this, some casinos have been known to take odds of up to 100 times. While this can be very interesting and exciting, only those who have a large amount of money will be able to participate in it. Even if you do, the odds of winning such a large amount are slim.

Increasing the Odds

Another thing that casinos do for those who like to gamble is to allow them to increase the odds in the game they play.

Similar to the odds bet, what you are paid depends on the point value. A four or ten will award you with three times odds. Five or nine points will earn you four times odds and five times odds can be won with six or eight points. You may also be able to take full odds, which will give you thirty dollars, no matter what the point value is.

Full odds make things simple for both the dealer and the player, allowing them to fully enjoy the game that is at hand. While it is up to you whether you take full odds or not, it is recommended that you do since you are guaranteed some profit.

No matter what you decide to do when you place your bet, make sure you think about it each time. Don't blindly place bets, you'll regret it later.

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