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Online casino cannot exist without software that will power it. Only software provider is responsible the graphics of the games along with giving the player an overall casino experience. Some of the best casinos use the best software in the business while others get left in the dust. There are some software providers that have gained popularity not only among casinos, but also among the players, and all of the are listed below/

The following guide will look into three of the biggest software companies right now, Microgaming, Playtech, and Cryptologic.


Microgaming is one of the best software providers, that are especially known for their achievements in development slot machines. They are constantly pushing themselves to create new variations of slots that attract new players. By forcing themselves to create four new games every month, even trained veterans will find something new and fresh to play every time they come back.

Microgaming also offers a wonderful bonus program, rewarding those who put time and money into slots. This allows players to win big while they are playing their favorite games, like slots. The other thrill is that these bonuses are often integrated into the machines, allowing certain symbols to line up for an extra bonus for players.


Playtech started out as a company which had no chances to become one of the leading software providers in the nearest future. In 1999, their programs were constantly plagued with unimpressive graphics and sounds. Instead of being discouraged by this fact, Playtech took the time and energy to make their software better, making them one of the best known companies to this day.

Playtech introduced the idea of having a live dealer, this way people don't blame the system for their losses. Players could really see a dealer give out cards or see a roulette ball bounce along the wheel. This attracted players from all around the world, allowing their name to grow as well.

Just like Microgamin, Playtech also capitalized on offering interesting bonuses. They came up with the concept for the multiple bonus; allowing a player to make a big deposit that would benefit them for more than one game.


Cryptologic is a company that is already making its mark on the online casino community. By offering graphics and sounds that no one else can offer, people are becoming attracted to what the software can do. The lobbies are designed to recreate the real halls of Las Vegas casinos, offering a more authentic experience for players.

Cryptologic also offers a great variety of slots as well as table games. While they do not incorporate live dealers like Playtech, they are constantly working on improving their software and making it the best for players.

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