Must Do in Las Vegas and Atlantic City

In this article, you will find some of the must do things a visitor to Las Vegas should not miss.

  • Grand Canyon Helicopter Flight
  • Depart McCarran Airport
  • 45 minute scenic helicopter ride in each direction
  • Arrive at the west rim of the Grand Canyon
  • Special 30 minute stopover featuring champagne picnic
  • Choice of morning or afternoon flights
  • Highly informative commentary provided though a head set

Circue du Soleil

The Circue du Soleil is located at the Belaggio Hotel and Casino. The show is performed in, on and above water. The cast of the show is drawn from world-class acrobats and international divers and synchronized swimmers.

  • The show contains ariel acrobatics
  • Amazing high diving
  • Incredible special effects
  • Make reservations early because it is one of the most popular shows in Las Vegas. There are two shows each evening.

Dig This

This is the experience of a lifetime. You get to operate genuine heavy-duty machinery. You can have the choice of driving an excavator or a bulldozer or both. The course teaches you how to dig trenches and build massive sand heaps.

  1. Connected to the instructor by a radio head set for safety
  2. Operate heavy duty machinery
  3. On completion receive a certificate

Some of the must do things a visitor to Atlantic City should not miss.

Videopoker playing

The thing you definitely should try out in Vegas is videopoker – a new generation type of gambling which combines the best features of poker and slots. The slot machines with videopoker are available there in any hotel, and their animation is really tempting. Still, in order to get ready to the real Vegas play we recommend you to practice your skills beforehand. For example, you can download some online casino software that offers videopoker and slots in order to try these games at home. One of the easiest ways to try this is to get download options, use one of them and start playing.

Dolphin watching

Take a cruise-boat out of Atlantic City in search of dolphins and whales. You head out in to open water and sail to where the dolphins and whales are normally found. Part of the adventure is in not knowing how many dolphins and whales you will see but you can be certain that you will see some. Take plenty of film for your camera. This is one of the most highly subscribed cruises out of Atlantic City.

Visit Revel Casino Resort and Sky Garden

This has to be one of the must not miss experiences that Atlantic City has to offer. The complex features a hotel and a casino. There are also two night clubs and two live theatrical venues. For dinners at the resort, there are is choice of thirteen restaurants. Beside all these attractions there is the “pine grove” which is also known as the Sky Garden.

The Sky Garden features an area of 8,100 square meters and is located on the roof top. It has a roof garden that contains over 30,000 live trees and shrubs.

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