Rules and Betting Systems of Blackjack

From the variety of card games, Blackjack is the most famous one. Even people, who do not know anything about Blackjack, have heard about it at least something. This card game was established long time ago and till our times is replenished by the variety of theories how to make a right bet and which strategy to apply to win the game. In spite of other games, such as Slots or Craps, Blackjack is based on a strict strategy which is called card counting. Card counting is based on mathematical calculations or systems of progression. Therefore, theoretically it is quite possible to answer on question how to win at Blackjack.

Rules and Strategies of Blackjack

Blackjack is also called as Twenty-one, because the main idea of this game is to collect total number of points that should be not higher than 21. In real casinos the quantity of players at one table is restricted by the betting "boxes" on the table's layout. Bets vary from table to table. After stakes are made, dealer passes cards - one to himself, two to the players. The latest card comes to dealer, and in this way all the game participants have 2 cards. All cards have their values: Faced cards and 10th have 10 points, Ace either 1 or 11 points, all others according to their rank.

The aim of the game is to have higher value of hand than dealer has, but the value of hand should not exceed 21. Usually dealer has some restrictions on the maximum value of hand he may has. Gambler has some additional options, such as double bet, split combination into two hands, quite the game (surrender) or insure himself from the possible dealer's blackjack, which is Ace plus 10. Dealer does not have such possibilitites.

Betting Methods

There are some betting methods that can be used in the game of blackjack. One of the popular ones is Paroli. Paroli betting strategy or system is based on the positive progression. Its main idea is to increase winning amount on one unit. Let's say, player stakes 2$ and wins the game, if he decided to keep on his next bet will be 4$ then 8$. If this is the final amount he would like to bet, next bet will starts again from 2$.

Parlay betting strategy is the oldest one and also grounds on positive progression. Parlay strategy is based on supplementation of winning amount and the amount of bet.

The simplest betting system is called Martingale. It works like this: betting starts with one unit, if bet is losing player should double his bet. If for example initial bet is 2$ and it will be losing, next bet should be 4$, if lose again, the third bet will be 8$. Fourth 16$ bet, for example, is winning. Thus, total loss is 14$ and win is 16$.

Betting strategies are not as popular as card counting in blackjack, but still may be very good for players, as they can help to control money you spend in casino. Besides, these strategies can easily be implemented in online gambling houses.

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