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From three types of casino games that include random numbers, table games, and electronic machines, the latest one is the most popular in all casinos and moreover are the easiest way of gambling. Electronic machines include Slots, Video Poker, Lottery and Pachinko. The most widely-played games are slots. Like craps and roulette, slots are the game of chance in a meaning that they have no strategy and there is no need to memorize some difficult actions to play this game. Online slots are organized the same as slots in real casinos. They have the same rules and even symbols. Besides, you will find a lot of machines that can be met both in online and traditional casinos.

Brief Slots History

The history of slot machines began long ago, approximately in 1887 year. First machine had three reels, with different drawn symbols such as fruits, diamonds, hearts, bells and some others. Slots operated with the help of lever from the right side of the machine. Because of this handle Slots received one more name that majority knows as one-armed bandits. In order to play a game, the slot machine player inserted the coin and pushed the lever. The reels started to rotate, and when they stopped, the round was over. It is interesting to know that first winnings were paid in the form of food and drink, only later the money winnings started to be paid out.

Types of Slots

Today, there are three major types of slots:

  • Straight slots. This type of machine presents simple games both for playing and understanding. Straight slots have subdivisions that vary according to the rules. They are of the following variations:

    The Multiplier - when one or more reels have a symbol which will multiply a winning amount.

    Bonus Multiplier - one or more reels has a particular symbol, that multiplies bonus

    Wildcard - means any symbol that can be substituted in a line in order to have more chances for win.

    Buy a pay - some slot machines have more than one payout table, in order to increase winning chances one more extra bet required.

    Multiple paylines - possibility to bet on one or more paylines machine has.

  • Progressive slots are connected to other machines or even to the group of machines in casino. Each gambler, playing on progressive slots pays some amount to the total jackpot. The same do all gamblers who are playing on other machines. The winning amount can be obtained in any machine that is involved in the group of machines connected with the same winning pot.
  • Bonus game slots offer extra bonuses by a certain combination of symbols. The bonuses can be of different types.

In fact, today many slot machines share features of different types, for example, you can play game that has bonus rounds and progressive winnings at the same time.

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