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Terms and conditions of any casino is one of the most important moments you need to pay your attention to before you start to play there. When you create an account at online casino, you acknowledge that you understand and will follow these terms. You are not allowed to use any other name than your own, and if you violate any of the terms, your account will be automatically terminated without question. Please follow all regulations in order to keep your account active and safe.


The images that have been used on the site are property of the site and any other party involved. You are not allowed to use any images without permission by the owner. If you are looking to gain permission to use these materials, please send a letter to the website manager and include your name along with your contact information. This includes your address, phone number, and e-mail address.


You do not have to get permission to post a link to any of the owned sites, or advertise other gambling houses somehow. Also, the website does not endorse the sites that link it in any way. There is also no guarantee that the links that are used will always be available or functional as casino firewall may block them.


When the site is created, it is rigorously tested to make sure that there are no bugs or viruses. Also, the site is regularly checked to ensure that viewers maintain their security while they visit the site. However, any loss of data or corruption that can come eventually, especially when the player is not careful with his personal information, or with the applications he downloads to his computer. It is advised to use virus protection when visiting any site so to prevent virus attacks.

A Word of Caution

There are no casinos that will tell you Stop when you gamble. Playing online be sure that you do not spend there too much time. Use alarm clock to control the time you spend online, and also try to set a certain sum of money you can afford yourself to lose. That will help you to avoid different uncomfortable situations, and also will save your time and money.

Do not forget, that playing at online casino you not only should know the rules of particular casino, but also rules of the game. Following some of the strategies you can add winning chances to your game, and get more winnings in the end.

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