Blackjack Odds

Let's get one thing straight, even before you start playing, you're set up to lose. Although this may sound harsh, it is the truth. Playing blackjack you can never be sure in your win, even if you hit a blackjack natural, as in some variations dealer’s hand will be considered better, if he has the same natural as you do. The percentage of winning blackjack is not very high, though there are a lot of strategies and methods that can help you to increase it.

Breaking Down the House Edge

The house edge is something that is rather hard to explain, basically since it is a very theoretical number. This number is supposed to give you an idea of what result you can achieve with the certain decision and hand.

Of course, all the casinos try to keep house edge as high as possible. As blackjack is not a game of luck (especially when we are talking about professional blackjack players), casinos try to prevent players from implementing strategies that influence the game running. In this way, in many traditional blackjack rooms usage of card counting techniques is prohibited, while in online casinos it cannot be used technically.

Making an Advantage

Luckily for you, Blackjack is flexible and can allow you to get the better hand than dealer has if you know what you are doing. For example, you can double down when things are looking good, allowing you to win even more money. The dealer is not allowed to do this, meaning your earnings can be greater than the dealer's. This can be an advantage, and you should know how to implement it.

Also, you can split your cards to make them more advantageous for you; the dealer cannot do this. Depending on the table, dealers are forced to hit if they have 16, risking to bust, or vice versa to stand and have possibility to make better hand. You are allowed to hit and stand whenever you want.

By building a strategy around these concepts and ideas, you are more likely to become successful at Blackjack. Know your statistics and what your chances are. This way you'll know when to take a risk and play the game in a safe way.

If you want to make sure the odds stay in your favor, you should try to get the idea of card counting. Though most of the online casinos insist players not to use this strategy, it is absolutely legal during tournaments, moreover, it is the only working method that can help you to win the tour.

With knowledge on your side, you'll be able to tackle any situation that comes across your path. That means you'll win more games and also get more money when you play.

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