Slots Odds

There is no specific way to calculate your odds when it comes to slots. Each machine has its own programming, and in this way you can never be sure in the odds you have in the game. All the machines have their own payback percentage. This means that some machines pay out more often than others. You can find machines that have 100% payout, and machines with 95%. In rare cases you will meet machines with more than 100% payout, and in fact, they are the best to play.


The machines that go over 100 are actually a strategy by casinos to give off the illusion that players are successful at winning at their machines. The matter is that the winning chances remain the same, the only difference lies in the possible game winning. Another popular strategy is to place these winning machines in highly visible areas, like a diner or bar, so that those passing by see the players winning, and try to play the machines by themselves.

Those same players will then go to the slots on the floor, which actually have a lower payout. Because of this, it is crucial that you understand each machine has its own programming and payout. Just because one machine is located in a row with others, it doesn't mean it has a high payout.

The Odds

When slot machines were first designed, they had only three reels with a limited number of symbols on them. According to the data concerning odds of the first slot machines, the winning chances were one-thousand to one. However, modern slot machines have absolutely different odds. In this day and age of advanced technology, like the internet and circuit boards, randomizations further cloud that percentage. It is no longer possible to get an accurate number when it comes to your odds at winning slots.

By referring back to the payback percentage mentioned earlier, it can be assumed that most casinos have their machines set at about a 91 percent payout. Technically, this mean that for every dollar you spend, you will get averagely 91 cents back. However, this doesn't mean that it will happen this way. There are many occasions where the machine will have a big payout, but it eventually adds up to the before mentioned 91 percent payout. Also, some machines may have a higher or lower payout.

Casino owners know that people are looking for these high payout machines, so they frequently shuffle them around so that people don't know where to find them. Regardless of where you go to play slots, make sure you have these simple facts in your head when you play. You may be able to catch signs of a high paying machine or you may know when to back off of playing a machine that has too low winning rates. Regardless of the reason, make sure you do not take slots too seriously. This way you can enjoy the game and not get too stressed out about winning or losing money.

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